Thursday, March 3, 2016


There is power in the Name of Jesus!
A special "potion" is there to unlock that power?  Nope.  Only believe...

O, the power of His Name,
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Unto all aspects of this life,
His power to afford.
Just call on Him, invite Him into
everything you do
and you will see and know that Power
in ways so very true!

O the power of His Name--
and not just for our use!
It is a Name to be respected,
not thrown around so loose!
Jesus, Name above all names,
Jesus, right beside,
Jesus, Master, Savior, Friend-
and living deep inside!

The power in the Name of Jesus!
Christ--there is no other!
Son of God, God the Son,
yet closer than a brother!
Not just a name of anyone,
Know that power for yourself,
for you're already known!

The Name of Jesus.
Just a name?  No way!  Jesus knows you better than you know yourself, and He WANTS to be the center of your life so that He can provide you with abundant...abounding with power!
Only believe.

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