Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New in the Word

It seems my words of late have been on a "back to basics" theme.  The words that flow this evening ring true to the same theme!

"Jesus, Jesus, Word of God;
such revelation new!
The nuggets that we glean from You
are precious as the dew!
You are so living and alive
about our lives each day;
we must only turn the Page
for You to come our way!
Turn the Pages so alive
and know reality...
turn the Pages so alive
and garner truths that be...
turn the Pages so alive
and find a hiding place...
Jesus, Jesus, so alive,
we dine upon Your grace!"

Word so living, Word so old,
yet Word so very new!
We look at life through You that we
obtain the righteous view!
So many are the avenues
for to approach each day,
but One, You are the only One:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Do you start each day with time in God's Word?  Every day?  This writer must confess that the start of my day is not always in The Word, but somewhere in those hours is time with Jesus the Word, and the Word, Jesus.
New every day, and newer every day!

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