Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning wind

"Upon a wind so hearty
o spread Your wings and fly!
Come quickly, o we yearn to see Your
fullness in the sky!
Not for our reward from You,
nor spectacle above,
BUT GOD, come quickly that we may
reside in Your great love!
Reside in Your great love...
reside in your great love...
for o so long we've clung to Your
great vow of life above!
A life of greatest promise,
a life without an end,
but, greater, life with YOU, Lord Jesus--
Master, Savior, Friend!

Upon a wind so hearty

I am minded of Your vow!
And cling to it so dearly as I
cry out "EVEN NOW!!"
We dedicate ourselves to living
in the here and now,
while looking to the skies in earnest
KNOWING of Your vow!!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Just a sentence on a page?  Mere words written years ago?  No way!  A promise alive for us to draw from lest this world overcome our hopes and dreams!

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