Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life that matters

Life goes on.
I have my eyes on the television for hours on end to hear about my country.  When was the last time I spent that much time on my neighbor?
I listen to the "coffee crew" down at the restaurant talking about everything that's wrong with the world.  When was the last time I sat down to listen to what's wrong with my neighbor?
When was the last time I did any of that above just to find out what to pray about, instead of listening to it just to see how bad it's getting?
"O God, please forgive me!"

Life goes on--there are so many
for me to get involved and help,
with any one of these!
My neighbor has so many needs
of which I'm not aware,
which begs a painful, nagging question:
"Do I really care?"

Life goes on.  And my life must
involve the lives of others.
I'm called to love everyone,
not just my closest brothers!
A hypocrite have I become
as I cry out His Name,
because I close my eyes and ears
to why He even came!

Life goes on...but not the life
that Jesus came to share.
"Lord, I repent of selfishness.
O make me more aware
of that which You want done here in
a world that's fading fast;
Forgive me please, O Father, as,
the visible, I've passed."

"Life goes on."
That may be so, but let it not be true that "Life has passed us by."
You and I, every one of us have an opportunity to impact this world in a way that no one else can.  It may be a way that only God can see, but it will change someone else's life for His glory.  Let's not blow those opportunities on things that we have no control over.

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