Friday, March 18, 2016

Knower of us

Jesus Christ knows all.
No matter how happy you are, how sad you are, the pain you are in, the breakthrough you are about to see, He knows!

The Lord, He is the only One
to know the depths of me!
He is so very personal,
and His concern I see!
Even in the even when
I set me down to rest,
He knows exactly what I need-
I am so very blessed!

But God, but God is also knowing
of the depths of you!
There is no part of you existing
hidden from His view.
He sees, He knows and yet He favors
you so many ways!
O open up your heart and life
unto Him and His ways!

Jesus Christ, so knowing of
your life and all your living.
He has all things that you may lack
and He is VERY giving!
Only give your all to Him
and watch what He can do!
For He already knows the very
depths and ways of you!

Jesus knows it all.  TRUST HIM!  Open up your heart to Him.  He can handle it!  He DESIRES you to "taste and see," and behold what He can do!

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