Monday, March 14, 2016

Just another sunset?

I'm tired.
Looking west, a few glowing rays remain...

So very soft the sunset-
so silent is the same;
sentinels are silhouettes  
against the summer flame...
so very real is Someone,
so beautiful is He;
He made the very sunset and
spends it with such as we!

Though sunset is, but life goes on
and even to abound!
The One that we call Beautiful,
our lives does He surround!
He shows to us the sunset, and
He even would explain
in words that we can understand,
and lessons very plain.

Sunset--o so beautiful--
why do so many dread?
We shall arise to that much better
His Promises have said!
Cling to those blest Promises
while setting be the sun
KNOWING that, when comes the Light,
a new day has begun!

You and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  But that is tomorrow.  Right now is right now, and we might as well enjoy it and spend it with Jesus!

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