Thursday, March 10, 2016

I don't understand this!

Trials?  Suffering?  "Did you bless us with this wonderful gift just to take it away?!"

All that happens in this life,
the trials, the goings on,
they have been settled in the Blood
and, soon, they will be gone!

All that you are suffering,
the pain, the memories,
He reaches out in His great love
and asks for all of these!

Jesus--He is able for
to heal and to restore.
O give to Him the pain and trial
and He will restore!
Jesus--He is Living Water,
He is healing Blood!
Release the pain to which you cling
and plunge into the Flood!

All that happens in this life-
He knew of it before.
O run ye into His embrace
that it would be no more!
Jesus--He is everything
that you will ever need;
taste ye of His wholeness and
be satisfied indeed!

This life is full of wonder!  This life is filled with joy!  This life is also filled with pain that no man can explain...even them that have gone through it.
However, this life is even more filled with God and His which we can latch onto and be victorious!

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