Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heaven here and there

Spending one more day with Jesus.
One day closer to Heaven?  Some would say.  But I have had Heaven with me all day long, and He never leaves my side...

Jesus, Jesus--Heaven sent,
and Heaven in this life!
We can have a glimpse of glory
'midst the daily strife.
We can, (and do,) have precious Presence
everywhere we go;
Jesus--Heaven in this place,
before we, upward, go!

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,

with me everywhere!
He is alive inside my heart,
thus, He is ALWAYS there!
I do not have to wait for Him
or "hope that He is in,"
I only have to say His Name,
His fullness be therein!

Jesus, Jesus, beautiful
and necessary so!
I do not have to wait for Heaven,
His sweet Presence know!
For I have Heaven here on earth
in preparation of
all that is awaiting His Own--
here and up above!

Heaven on earth.
This place was never meant to be our eternal home, but He sure makes it more enjoyable until we get there!

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