Sunday, March 13, 2016

Glory in the vesper!

Long day done.
So many things accomplished with God 's help.
And even as we rest, His Presence is...

The spectrum in the sky

again to catch the eye.
Life to briefly halt-
Creator God exalt!
As vision scans the view,
savoring each hue...

"And I praise You as I think about
how passionate You are!
I praise You in Your Presence, God,
and never from afar!
I worship You before the awesome
sunset You have made;
You smile and say mine eyes have not
yet seen the best You've made!!
And I praise You for the promises
of You--yet so alive!
I worship You as You assure me
that I will arrive!
I glorify You, Father, just
because of WHO YOU ARE:
Creator of entirety...
You're Presence never far!"

The spectrum of the sky
to surely testify
life does not have to halt
His glory to exalt.
The depths, though, to cry out

What a gift to look back on the day and be able to see how God orchestrated and ordained all that happened, and all the He is yet creating!  Such is availed to them that have asked Jesus to be lord of their lives!

Have you?

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