Friday, March 25, 2016


Good Friday?  WHY?!  There were not very many "good" things about it for Jesus?!

Denied by one of closest friends
in several different places...
mocked and scorned before the crowds,
spewing out disgraces...
brought before a secret court
with very few at hand...
with everything so cloaked in lies
how can justice stand?
Standing in the council,
Pontius Pilate next...
then Herod to humiliate Him
with his vain pretext...
returned again to Pilate,
yet knowing, all the while,
what would be, (and what must be) done,
our souls to reconcile!
One last opportunity-
traded for a thief!
the roar beyond belief!
"But I can find no evil, nor
a reason for His death!"
cried out they with each breath!

The scourge...the hammer...and the nails
to tear His life apart!

"Father, please forgive them!"

still cried His loving heart.
Yet even to the very end
His very life yet giving:
"This very day, in Paradise,
will you and I be living!!"

What a heart.  The heart of God.  Who could know the depths of it.  Who could establish a value or limit to it.  Even after all that WE put God through, He continues to hold wide His arms, filled with love and grace.


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