Friday, March 4, 2016


"Well, if I could only do this, then maybe..."
"You know, if I was that guy over there, I would be as lucky as he is..."
"Just one more year, and I will have a job as good as _______________ has..."

"Your ways are far above my own,
can I begin to know?
I do the things that I can do-
Your favor then to show.
You cannot be manipulated,
You cannot be bought;
You WILL bless me in Your time
in spite of what is wrought!

Your favor, it has found me once again;
I do not know why this has come
amidst such trial and test!
But I know it is from Your hand,
for all You have is 'good!'
O keep me humble, Lord, that I
would take it as I should.

Your favor, it is greater than
what people can bestow.
All good gifts come from You whether
or not the givers know!
I take it from You with a heart
of gratitude sincere!
and glorify You, Father God,
as, once more, You come near!"

Yes, obtaining certain "things" takes effort, but usually the ways we devise to obtain them are completely wrong!  God wants us to have those things and we will obtain them in His time when we have His favor.  Can you wait that long?

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