Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Blowing your own horn.
Self-promotion has become a way of life in some places.  In other places, it is an absolute "necessity."
But not with God.
When you are serving God, it is Him that will do the promotion!  Try Him and see!

I have a list of things to do,
places I must go;
There are so many folks that I
will get a chance to know;
to do what must be done I must
be known as I am known;
but God, He will promote this man-
prosperity be grown.

There are so very many ways
for one to be exposed.
And, of some of those many ways,
is God, for sure, opposed!
So many think of their own good
when thinking of success;
when, really, what the heart should beg
is ways that it can bless!

The favor and prosperity
that often comes our way
is not for us to brag about,
but it is God's for aye!
Continue in your service, giving
everything you can,
and HE will elevate you in
His sight and that of man!

God is so good.  We have only a tiny glimpse of His goodness here in this life, and we must keep a humble heart in order to obtain a full vision of that which He has in store!

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