Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Already decided

God raises up leaders and God brings leaders down.
I am not saying that these elections are futile, because God has given us the freedom to choose.  He is, however, already aware of who will win and what will happen.
Can you accept that?

You have the times and seasons of
but everyone at all...
You know which ones will turn on You,
and who will heed Your call;
You see the things that we'll be doing
twenty years from now...
You even order every step
of whom You've sealed their vow!

It is a comfort knowing, Lord,
that You are in control.
No matter who is president,
in You are we kept whole! 
As long as we do our part and
get down upon our knees,
You'll do Your part, taking care
of every one of these!

All the days of every man
are written in a book.
You are God, and You alone
may freely have a look!
All we can do is bow to You
and serve You all our days,
and You will surely prosper us
in Your exclusive ways!

Life goes on, and God is in control of that life.
No matter who is in the White House...
No matter what issues rise and fall...
No matter how one feels...GOD IS IN CONTROL!
Live with it!

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