Thursday, March 31, 2016

At Eventide

Early in the evening.  Time winding down.  As I take a deep breath...

Stars to gradually appear...
creation's noises for to hear...
Father God forever near
at eventide.
Perfect peace to intervene
in the silence of the scene.
Inhale life with sense so keen
at eventide.
Father God to walk beside...
Jesus Christ alive inside...
Holy Spirit to abide
at eventide;
and life to happen at His pace
as we dwell in His saving grace:
joy and peace and love to face
at eventide!

As light of day comes to an end, there is so much to reflect upon.  Father God wants to listen as you recite your reflection.  Welcome Him there.  He is so alive!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New in the Word

It seems my words of late have been on a "back to basics" theme.  The words that flow this evening ring true to the same theme!

"Jesus, Jesus, Word of God;
such revelation new!
The nuggets that we glean from You
are precious as the dew!
You are so living and alive
about our lives each day;
we must only turn the Page
for You to come our way!
Turn the Pages so alive
and know reality...
turn the Pages so alive
and garner truths that be...
turn the Pages so alive
and find a hiding place...
Jesus, Jesus, so alive,
we dine upon Your grace!"

Word so living, Word so old,
yet Word so very new!
We look at life through You that we
obtain the righteous view!
So many are the avenues
for to approach each day,
but One, You are the only One:
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

Do you start each day with time in God's Word?  Every day?  This writer must confess that the start of my day is not always in The Word, but somewhere in those hours is time with Jesus the Word, and the Word, Jesus.
New every day, and newer every day!

Monday, March 28, 2016

That time alone

Alone with God.
Away from all that had to be done for the day.
What a wonderful place!!

"Alone inside Your Presence-
Father, You and I.
The wonder of Your splendor makes
a tear come to mine eye!
I cannot focus on the words,
I must put down the pen;
when I leave Your Presence, Father,
I will finish then!"

Time in the Presence of God.  Don't let anything interrupt it!  Enjoy it as often as you can.
Life will go on.  There will always be a list of what to do and when, but ALWAYS savor that special time in His Presence!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


After a week that contained the gamut of emotions, we wake to yet another tumult.  This one, however, is cause to celebrate!

Life--it has returned to Him
Who touched each part of living!
God the Father, come as Jesus,
He continues giving!
The sepulcher is empty,
the stone is rolled away!
"He is not here.  He is alive!"

So glorious, the celebration
Jesus to afford!
It means new life to all that would
refer to Him as "Lord!"
And not unto a certain number,
ALL who call His Name!
Jesus--Life and life eternal,
this is why He came!

Life.  O give your life to Him
and know the celebration!
His arms are open wide to all,
regardless of your station!
Know Him.  Love Him.  Live His life!
Share Him without reserve!
Jesus is alive again--
eternity preserve!

EASTER IS LIFE!!  Jesus Christ is Easter! 
Know the reason for this glorious day and join the celebration!  Don't let anything or anyone prevent you or hinder you from celebrating JESUS!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Saturday morning.  Looking around.  Talking to the residents.  Reflecting on all that happened.  What happened??  It all happened so fast this week!  So horrific!  So painful.  Now we can't find Him.

Saturday.  A sadder day,
but could there ever be?
Our hopes and dreams are scattered as,
our dreams, we cannot see.
He spoke of our deliverance...
He spoke of liberty...
we saw Him suffer, hang and die;
and, now, we cannot see!

O where has gone the blessed hope
to which we once did cling?
He's locked away inside a tomb?
He spoke of such a thing?!!
Where is the kingdom and the realm
of which He freely spoke?
Were they words that are yet to be,
or was it just a joke?

A sadder day we do not know;
such disbelief and shock!
Some are even celebrating
covered by a rock.
It was amazing while it lasted;
now, the Lord is gone,
and this is just another painful
middle-eastern dawn.

We saw it with our own eyes: the suffering...the death...the burial.
We see it now with our own eyes--the emptiness...the pain...betrayal.
How could One Man elevate our hopes so high only to go away?

Friday, March 25, 2016


Good Friday?  WHY?!  There were not very many "good" things about it for Jesus?!

Denied by one of closest friends
in several different places...
mocked and scorned before the crowds,
spewing out disgraces...
brought before a secret court
with very few at hand...
with everything so cloaked in lies
how can justice stand?
Standing in the council,
Pontius Pilate next...
then Herod to humiliate Him
with his vain pretext...
returned again to Pilate,
yet knowing, all the while,
what would be, (and what must be) done,
our souls to reconcile!
One last opportunity-
traded for a thief!
the roar beyond belief!
"But I can find no evil, nor
a reason for His death!"
cried out they with each breath!

The scourge...the hammer...and the nails
to tear His life apart!

"Father, please forgive them!"

still cried His loving heart.
Yet even to the very end
His very life yet giving:
"This very day, in Paradise,
will you and I be living!!"

What a heart.  The heart of God.  Who could know the depths of it.  Who could establish a value or limit to it.  Even after all that WE put God through, He continues to hold wide His arms, filled with love and grace.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Betrayed with a kiss.

How often had they opportune
to seize Him and be done?
But now, were gathered the officials-
and the wicked one;
The enemy had made his move
as the feast drew near;
the pain of The Betrayal as
the celebrants appear.

So painful the reality
on Wednesday of that Week.
The Lord, of course, He knew it all,
and turned the other cheek.
Though it pains us to reflect,
it happens for our good;
Jesus Christ--about to face
what not another could!

"What you do, do quickly!"
and the deed was done.
Very soon would all find out
the passion of The Son!
God's very Son--so loved us e'en
betrayal to allow!
O call upon His holy Name
and seal your soul's vow!

The last Wednesday of Jesus' life.
So much happening in 24 hours.  So much He did for us in those hours.  Please don't look on this as "just another day."  Realize how much He loves you and love Him in return.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


In spite of the issues of the day...
in spite of the events of the week...
in spite of life continuing on The Path that has already been settled, God Most High provides moments of rest and reflection, knowing that we cannot handle the totality of what is going to happen.
He does so even this morning...

Rolling hills aglow against
a sky so very black;
chores already done, therefore
the morning now be slack;
time for to behold the glory
of His mighty hand...
in the glory of the wonder
I no longer stand!

In the calm before the storm
I ponder all He said.
Against the backdrop of the mountains
He goes not unread.
In the truth of existence
I must ponder much,
and, as I listen to The Spirit,
I feel His great touch!

Though issues of the day persist...
though, soon, be great events,
I know His Presence and am strengthened
with great recompense!
I know His Presence will not leave,
His Word will never fail;
and, though the week is angst and tension,

The week so far has been filled with uncommon things, all while being unforgettable because of Jesus' Presence!  For even now, with the sky and elements astir, there is a beauty, wonder and Peace that cannot be put into words.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Week

Imagine having to face the next seven days KNOWING all that will happen.  Would that not cause stress?  The Word assures us that Jesus is surely God, but it also states that He felt everything that we would feel.  Hmm...

He goes throughout the week ahead

with us upon His heart;
All power has He, at any moment,
to flee and to depart!
Knowing of the suffering,
knowing of the pain,
He presses on, that life abundant
to become our gain!

How many there to recognize

the royalty of Him?
How many, on this day, the doors
of His Own house, would dim?
How many even care to know
the Truth of this each year,
save for a day of rest from works
to enjoy another beer?

Royalty we celebrate,

Jesus Christ by Name!
He is holy.  HE IS RISEN!
O make this more than "...just a day
that happens once a year."
Make it a day that settles that
relationship so dear!

That relationship that Jesus established by coming to earth.  Culminating this holy week.  Please don't take it for granted and turn your back on Him.

Jesus Christ makes all the difference in the world!

Palm Sunday

As He rode into town, there was uproar...tumult...celebration!
As He rode into town, there were no bombings...shootings...killings.
Why can't we see that day again?

The highest of all royalty

again, on lowly ride;
come that all men may unite;
to this day, though, great divide!
Come that we may know His love
in humblest of way...
come that we may be accepted
on the Narrow Way.

Branches strewn upon the path

to recognize His reign...
celebrants upon the way!
(The same to, soon, disdain.)
This day, though, to see the glory
pass before their eyes;

Celebration...even if

the rocks and stones would cry!
Celebration unto Jesus-
Son of God Most High!
Celebration--sing to Him
with tears and without;
celebration--let your heart
and spirit give a shout!!

Jesus rode into town.  The tumult and celebration began.

May we never cease celebrating Who He is and why He comes.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Knower of us

Jesus Christ knows all.
No matter how happy you are, how sad you are, the pain you are in, the breakthrough you are about to see, He knows!

The Lord, He is the only One
to know the depths of me!
He is so very personal,
and His concern I see!
Even in the even when
I set me down to rest,
He knows exactly what I need-
I am so very blessed!

But God, but God is also knowing
of the depths of you!
There is no part of you existing
hidden from His view.
He sees, He knows and yet He favors
you so many ways!
O open up your heart and life
unto Him and His ways!

Jesus Christ, so knowing of
your life and all your living.
He has all things that you may lack
and He is VERY giving!
Only give your all to Him
and watch what He can do!
For He already knows the very
depths and ways of you!

Jesus knows it all.  TRUST HIM!  Open up your heart to Him.  He can handle it!  He DESIRES you to "taste and see," and behold what He can do!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heaven here and there

Spending one more day with Jesus.
One day closer to Heaven?  Some would say.  But I have had Heaven with me all day long, and He never leaves my side...

Jesus, Jesus--Heaven sent,
and Heaven in this life!
We can have a glimpse of glory
'midst the daily strife.
We can, (and do,) have precious Presence
everywhere we go;
Jesus--Heaven in this place,
before we, upward, go!

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,

with me everywhere!
He is alive inside my heart,
thus, He is ALWAYS there!
I do not have to wait for Him
or "hope that He is in,"
I only have to say His Name,
His fullness be therein!

Jesus, Jesus, beautiful
and necessary so!
I do not have to wait for Heaven,
His sweet Presence know!
For I have Heaven here on earth
in preparation of
all that is awaiting His Own--
here and up above!

Heaven on earth.
This place was never meant to be our eternal home, but He sure makes it more enjoyable until we get there!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Just another sunset?

I'm tired.
Looking west, a few glowing rays remain...

So very soft the sunset-
so silent is the same;
sentinels are silhouettes  
against the summer flame...
so very real is Someone,
so beautiful is He;
He made the very sunset and
spends it with such as we!

Though sunset is, but life goes on
and even to abound!
The One that we call Beautiful,
our lives does He surround!
He shows to us the sunset, and
He even would explain
in words that we can understand,
and lessons very plain.

Sunset--o so beautiful--
why do so many dread?
We shall arise to that much better
His Promises have said!
Cling to those blest Promises
while setting be the sun
KNOWING that, when comes the Light,
a new day has begun!

You and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  But that is tomorrow.  Right now is right now, and we might as well enjoy it and spend it with Jesus!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Glory in the vesper!

Long day done.
So many things accomplished with God 's help.
And even as we rest, His Presence is...

The spectrum in the sky

again to catch the eye.
Life to briefly halt-
Creator God exalt!
As vision scans the view,
savoring each hue...

"And I praise You as I think about
how passionate You are!
I praise You in Your Presence, God,
and never from afar!
I worship You before the awesome
sunset You have made;
You smile and say mine eyes have not
yet seen the best You've made!!
And I praise You for the promises
of You--yet so alive!
I worship You as You assure me
that I will arrive!
I glorify You, Father, just
because of WHO YOU ARE:
Creator of entirety...
You're Presence never far!"

The spectrum of the sky
to surely testify
life does not have to halt
His glory to exalt.
The depths, though, to cry out

What a gift to look back on the day and be able to see how God orchestrated and ordained all that happened, and all the He is yet creating!  Such is availed to them that have asked Jesus to be lord of their lives!

Have you?

Friday, March 11, 2016


Jesus Christ has so much to do today.  Therefore, since Jesus lives inside of us, WE have/had a lot to do today.

What have I done today
to help one on the way?
Has this man sacrificed
that I be more like Christ?

What have I said to her
to make it easier
for her to live today,
rejoicing in The Way?

Have I reached out to any?
Have I affected many?
I do so for HIS glory-
thus furthering His story!

There was so much to do today.  There is yet so much to be done!  However, with each of us doing our part in obedience to His Call, success will certainly be!
Did we do our part?  It's not too late.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I don't understand this!

Trials?  Suffering?  "Did you bless us with this wonderful gift just to take it away?!"

All that happens in this life,
the trials, the goings on,
they have been settled in the Blood
and, soon, they will be gone!

All that you are suffering,
the pain, the memories,
He reaches out in His great love
and asks for all of these!

Jesus--He is able for
to heal and to restore.
O give to Him the pain and trial
and He will restore!
Jesus--He is Living Water,
He is healing Blood!
Release the pain to which you cling
and plunge into the Flood!

All that happens in this life-
He knew of it before.
O run ye into His embrace
that it would be no more!
Jesus--He is everything
that you will ever need;
taste ye of His wholeness and
be satisfied indeed!

This life is full of wonder!  This life is filled with joy!  This life is also filled with pain that no man can explain...even them that have gone through it.
However, this life is even more filled with God and His which we can latch onto and be victorious!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Already decided

God raises up leaders and God brings leaders down.
I am not saying that these elections are futile, because God has given us the freedom to choose.  He is, however, already aware of who will win and what will happen.
Can you accept that?

You have the times and seasons of
but everyone at all...
You know which ones will turn on You,
and who will heed Your call;
You see the things that we'll be doing
twenty years from now...
You even order every step
of whom You've sealed their vow!

It is a comfort knowing, Lord,
that You are in control.
No matter who is president,
in You are we kept whole! 
As long as we do our part and
get down upon our knees,
You'll do Your part, taking care
of every one of these!

All the days of every man
are written in a book.
You are God, and You alone
may freely have a look!
All we can do is bow to You
and serve You all our days,
and You will surely prosper us
in Your exclusive ways!

Life goes on, and God is in control of that life.
No matter who is in the White House...
No matter what issues rise and fall...
No matter how one feels...GOD IS IN CONTROL!
Live with it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Blowing your own horn.
Self-promotion has become a way of life in some places.  In other places, it is an absolute "necessity."
But not with God.
When you are serving God, it is Him that will do the promotion!  Try Him and see!

I have a list of things to do,
places I must go;
There are so many folks that I
will get a chance to know;
to do what must be done I must
be known as I am known;
but God, He will promote this man-
prosperity be grown.

There are so very many ways
for one to be exposed.
And, of some of those many ways,
is God, for sure, opposed!
So many think of their own good
when thinking of success;
when, really, what the heart should beg
is ways that it can bless!

The favor and prosperity
that often comes our way
is not for us to brag about,
but it is God's for aye!
Continue in your service, giving
everything you can,
and HE will elevate you in
His sight and that of man!

God is so good.  We have only a tiny glimpse of His goodness here in this life, and we must keep a humble heart in order to obtain a full vision of that which He has in store!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning wind

"Upon a wind so hearty
o spread Your wings and fly!
Come quickly, o we yearn to see Your
fullness in the sky!
Not for our reward from You,
nor spectacle above,
BUT GOD, come quickly that we may
reside in Your great love!
Reside in Your great love...
reside in your great love...
for o so long we've clung to Your
great vow of life above!
A life of greatest promise,
a life without an end,
but, greater, life with YOU, Lord Jesus--
Master, Savior, Friend!

Upon a wind so hearty

I am minded of Your vow!
And cling to it so dearly as I
cry out "EVEN NOW!!"
We dedicate ourselves to living
in the here and now,
while looking to the skies in earnest
KNOWING of Your vow!!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Just a sentence on a page?  Mere words written years ago?  No way!  A promise alive for us to draw from lest this world overcome our hopes and dreams!

Friday, March 4, 2016


"Well, if I could only do this, then maybe..."
"You know, if I was that guy over there, I would be as lucky as he is..."
"Just one more year, and I will have a job as good as _______________ has..."

"Your ways are far above my own,
can I begin to know?
I do the things that I can do-
Your favor then to show.
You cannot be manipulated,
You cannot be bought;
You WILL bless me in Your time
in spite of what is wrought!

Your favor, it has found me once again;
I do not know why this has come
amidst such trial and test!
But I know it is from Your hand,
for all You have is 'good!'
O keep me humble, Lord, that I
would take it as I should.

Your favor, it is greater than
what people can bestow.
All good gifts come from You whether
or not the givers know!
I take it from You with a heart
of gratitude sincere!
and glorify You, Father God,
as, once more, You come near!"

Yes, obtaining certain "things" takes effort, but usually the ways we devise to obtain them are completely wrong!  God wants us to have those things and we will obtain them in His time when we have His favor.  Can you wait that long?

Thursday, March 3, 2016


There is power in the Name of Jesus!
A special "potion" is there to unlock that power?  Nope.  Only believe...

O, the power of His Name,
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Unto all aspects of this life,
His power to afford.
Just call on Him, invite Him into
everything you do
and you will see and know that Power
in ways so very true!

O the power of His Name--
and not just for our use!
It is a Name to be respected,
not thrown around so loose!
Jesus, Name above all names,
Jesus, right beside,
Jesus, Master, Savior, Friend-
and living deep inside!

The power in the Name of Jesus!
Christ--there is no other!
Son of God, God the Son,
yet closer than a brother!
Not just a name of anyone,
Know that power for yourself,
for you're already known!

The Name of Jesus.
Just a name?  No way!  Jesus knows you better than you know yourself, and He WANTS to be the center of your life so that He can provide you with abundant...abounding with power!
Only believe.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The More

"Dear Father, thank You for the right and privilege to vote!"

The day after voting.  Has anything changed?  Is anything different?  Whatever changes are or are about to be, none of them can satisfy that deepest desire of the heart!

The more I see of what goes on
here in the here and now,
that much more grateful I become
that Christ has sealed my vow!

The more I witness life and living
in the day-to-day,
the more I yearn for His return,
eternity my stay!

The more I have my hands in as
I go about the task,
the more I lift those hands to Him
as He tells me to ask!

The more I see my Lord ignored
in all that's going on,
the more that I desire Heaven
and, from here, be gone!

It is a wonderful privilege that most are denied.  But virtue and morality cannot be legislated.  It must be a decision of the heart.
I vote for Jesus to return quickly!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life that matters

Life goes on.
I have my eyes on the television for hours on end to hear about my country.  When was the last time I spent that much time on my neighbor?
I listen to the "coffee crew" down at the restaurant talking about everything that's wrong with the world.  When was the last time I sat down to listen to what's wrong with my neighbor?
When was the last time I did any of that above just to find out what to pray about, instead of listening to it just to see how bad it's getting?
"O God, please forgive me!"

Life goes on--there are so many
for me to get involved and help,
with any one of these!
My neighbor has so many needs
of which I'm not aware,
which begs a painful, nagging question:
"Do I really care?"

Life goes on.  And my life must
involve the lives of others.
I'm called to love everyone,
not just my closest brothers!
A hypocrite have I become
as I cry out His Name,
because I close my eyes and ears
to why He even came!

Life goes on...but not the life
that Jesus came to share.
"Lord, I repent of selfishness.
O make me more aware
of that which You want done here in
a world that's fading fast;
Forgive me please, O Father, as,
the visible, I've passed."

"Life goes on."
That may be so, but let it not be true that "Life has passed us by."
You and I, every one of us have an opportunity to impact this world in a way that no one else can.  It may be a way that only God can see, but it will change someone else's life for His glory.  Let's not blow those opportunities on things that we have no control over.