Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Born again.
When did it happen to you?
Can you pinpoint a specific time or place when you knew that it was God calling you to serve Him?
How come it takes each one of us a different amount of time to get to that point?

Is it after twenty years

that mercy should appear?
But was it not alive and well

in every other year?
That I knew redemption after
decades had amassed,
does that mean that grace was absent
in those ages past?

Oh, but in the wayward years

when 'prodigal' was I,
I clearly see the mighty hand
of Him Who reigns on high!
The simple fact that I'm alive
now in the present day
is proof His hand was guiding me
before I knew The Way!

Grateful for the many years,

yes, each and every one
as I fully realize
His Will is surely done!
And in the days that are ahead
I place my trust in Him,
as He remains the Bringer of
but every one of them!

The years spent in search of something that is right in front of us.  I know many who are still searching!

I know many who, if you attempt to help them, will turn their backs on you and RUN the other way!
But, in MOST cases, that is the will of God.  For if I do not find Him at that specific moment that He has appointed, it may not have the full effect that it is supposed to.
Where are you at?

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