Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter overnight!

White stuff flying in the wind. 
Are you kidding??  It was 70 degrees 5 days ago!
Oh well.  Welcome to the Ozarks!!

Watching weather in the early-

fascinating so...
There was a chance of winter precip,
but not THIS much, though!
Already is it tapering
and dripping from the eaves...
I will enjoy it with my Father
'fore the morning leaves.

Along with winter happening,
life would happen, too.
There be so many little birds
in the morning view;
squirrels, too, would make the rounds
in spite of fallen white,
visiting the many feeders,
taking great delight!

And, against the contrast white,
the cardinals aglow.
They watched me scatter seed last night;
they have me spoiled, you know!
But what a blessing to assist
my Lord in any way,
as He feeds the ones that add
so much delight to day!

Wherever you are today, look around and see how many times and places you can see the hand of God at work.  Most often, it is a subtlety that most folks either take for granted or outright ignore.
My God is a God of details.

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