Thursday, February 4, 2016


With people all day long.
Those who are people-persons don't mind it much.
Right now, though, I wanna be with Jesus.
See you later, people.

Once again to that retreat
where Jesus will refill.
I listen as He is revealing
to my heart, His will.
He listens as I tell Him things
that He already knows;
still, He pays attention to me,
so relation grows.

In this blest retreat where He
allows no one but me,
love is absolutely real:
That relationship to deepen-
that one so many lack;
I must come here and fellowship
and then I must go back.

Back to my assignment
with reinforced resolve.
My neighbor--who or where or when--
I must, somehow, involve!
That neighbor?  Any of those folks
I see throughout the day.
I must let Jesus work through me
so they will find The Way!

People will not be able to see Jesus in me unless I spend quality time with Him each day.
Each of us involve ourselves with people on a constant basis.  Why not involve them in the Joy Unspeakable that is so alive inside?  He's more than a 'feeling,' He is a whole new Life!

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