Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Try AND trust!

Again, being open to the Spirit means sensing His moving, but it also means us moving as He leads.
Are we open to that?

"But God, I do not understand

this change of direction!
I know I am secure in Your
attention and affection.
I know You order every step
this man shall ever take,
but this that I sense now--is it
a move that I must make?"

"I know the plans I have for you,

the way that you should go.
My thoughts toward you, they are good-
you and I both know!
It may be foreign now, but as you
trust Me and obey,
I assure you, you will see Me
in the Narrow Way!"

"God, You are so good to me,

and all Your ways are good!
I cling to Your direction and
Your guidance, as I should.
I KNOW that You will take me where
it's best for me to go.
The leading of Your Holy Spirit
will assure it so!"

Spirit-led.  What a way to live!  What a way to get to know God more deeply and passionately!  And it is availed to all who give their heart to Him.

Try Him and see.
Trust and obey.

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