Friday, February 12, 2016

Time again

Do you have time for God?
Do you have...any idea what it might be like to escape the constraint of "time?"

"Where is time with You, o God?
I do not understand.
I'm so wrapped up in this world's time
and having all things planned!
I need to know the where and when
of all that's going on...
I need to be delivered from this
'fore the time is gone!

Lord, how can I relate to You
when You are so immune
to that one constant that would plague me:
"RIGHT NOW...later...soon..."
I want to see things as YOU do,
not as the world does;
I want to live the here and now,
and so escape the "was!"

Time.  I do not understand...
but is that how You meant?
So many issues pending, Lord,
all I see is time spent!
I want to know the wonder and
the spectacle You are,
help me to do it in YOUR time
and leave my own ajar."

God is far and above the constraints of "time."  His "time" is so much greater than ours!  We, as humans, can only see the way we do because that's how He created this world...and us!  However, when we open our hearts and ask Him to take us beyond such, we will be given eyes that behold wonders that far exceed that which we can make or even dream!  Maybe even "timeless?"

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