Monday, February 29, 2016

THROUGH the trial

The trials that afflict me,
they serve to make me great.
I know that there be lessons in
the things that agitate.
Even to mature me for
what days may be ahead;
(I would that I would learn it quickly,
and move on instead!)

The trials that afflict me,
I know not whence they come.
I know my God, though, is aware,
and He beholds the sum.
He will not leave me comfortless,
He will not let me go;
He will use these things for His glory,
this I've come to know.

The trials that afflict me
are temporary so,
and there awaits the victory-
how far?  I do not know.
But I know He is with me and
He's seen it all before.
Jesus Christ, my confidence,
for sure will He restore!

There are trials in this life.  But there is so much more to this life than those trials!  That may not seem true when we are going through them, but it is very true!
Stay the course.  Press on, knowing that this trial is temporary!

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