Thursday, February 11, 2016

THE Bible

The Word of God
The Word ALIVE!
So vital and so beautiful is it that we draw from those living words all throughout the day!

O Word of God so living,
You know mine every thought!
All that I shall go through,
a reason You have brought;
Your thoughts toward me, also,
are positive and good;
You promise goodness and reward
when not another would!

Word of God, so living,
I dine upon each page!
Holy Spirit as my Guide
to help me to engage.
He gives me explanation
each time I pause and think;
He shows me restoration
when I am at the brink!

Word of God so living-
You were...You are...You'll be!
I learn more of my loving God
with every page I see!
Yes, and newer everyday
those pages so alive!
I will cling to The Word of God

The Bible.  God's Word.  God's LIVING Word!  If you are not accustomed to opening the Bible and reading it, I implore you DO SO!!  Always pray before you part those pages, and I promise that it will come to life for you!

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