Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Life is busy.
We can cram as many things into our day as time allows.
Is that what God wants?

A moment set apart
to empty out the heart;
a moment all alone
where God Most High be known!

Once again, myself do I avail.
To seek a word from Him.  He will not fail!
As long as I take time to comprehend
I shall know of His voice without end!
It only takes a moment of my time
to put a message from Him into rhyme!
God--He is so faithful for to speak--
it is communication quite unique!

Do you have time?
Do you say a prayer and then take off?  Or do you give Him time to respond, and then listen to his voice?  I am no better than any of you, but I do know that I must listen for a response when I talk to Him.  Have you afforded Him that opportunity?  I promise you, God will answer if you let Him.

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