Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Provision again

Slowly making our way back home...
yesterday's snow is but a memory in most places.
Creator God, however, is not only very evident, but very busy making sure we see His fingerprints wherever we look!

The clouds are once again at play
with the sun this early day.
They cause the rays to move and dance
and shine above all circumstance!
The workings of His mighty hand,
they be so rife upon the land
and He reveals them as we drive
across this land in which we thrive!

Amazing God not only created what we see, He even paid for the trip we are taking.  He is so good!  We depend upon Him to supply, and then He comes through so far and beyond what we expect!
He is so good to us!
May He be just as good to you, as well.

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