Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Open to The Spirit

Following the leading of Holy Spirit.
Having a specific purpose for the day, yet being pliable and usable in His hands.
It comes with its rewards!

Once again to find His Presence
somewhere in my day;
one more time His providence
and favor come my way...
yet again, His generosity
does find this man,
and I am chosen to receive
abundance from His Plan!

Once again to go out of
my way to get such grace?
No!  He pours it out upon me
in but everyplace!
As long as I'm obedient
and faithful to His cause,
He will associate with me...
even with my flaws!

How wonderful to live inside

the cover of His palm!
A 'sheltered life?'  YES! And, oh,
His shelter is so calm!
O let me offer you the same--
the shelter of the Lord--
receive Him, and His blessings, through
the day, will He afford!

Those of You that belong to Jesus understand these words.

Those of you who are yet unsaved may find these words foreign. 
Jesus desires that You become familiar with such words and such communication with Him.  In fact, He arranges opportunities for you to do such all throughout your day!
EXPECT to be blessed!

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