Monday, February 8, 2016

Open arms!

The day is ebbing once again. 
What had to be done was taken care of, along with a lot of things that I did not know had to be taken care of!  As I rest from it, I depend upon His peace.

"Your peace, my Lord, I cannot understand.
It flows upon my soul at Your command.
I bathe myself in Your inclusive calm
that flows so very freely from Your palm.

Your peace, Lord, it is perfect, this I know!
It transports me to where I cannot go!
And in that place where only You're aware,
I am overwhelmed by Your great care!

Your peace, o my great and mighty God,
I raise my arms unto You and applaud...
I raise my arms unto You in embrace...
Your peace--o what a blessed gift of grace!"

After what I've gone through today, I have a place to go where restoration will not fail--the Presence of Jesus!  You have that same place if You are born again.  Even if you have not met Jesus yet, those same arms are open to you!  RUN TO THEM!  Get to know Jesus!  Give Him your soul and be born again!  For therein lies Peace that surpasses understanding!

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