Friday, February 26, 2016


Yes, God is so good.
And it is in His goodness that all things happen.
"But God, THIS IS WRONG..."
"But God, this is painful..."
"But God, You don't understand..."
Oh yes, He fully understands.  For He has been through it all before, and He saw it coming.

"Why must I go through this again?
I thought this time was passed.
The pain that was inflicted, Lord,
the anger that amassed!
Why must I suffer at the hands
of them that know You not?!
BUT GOD, I know that, my whole life,
Your hands have firmly got!"

This life is full of ups and downs,
but grace, it will suffice!
We go through, oh, so many things,
(and some of it ain't nice!!)
But there is God, right be our side,
protecting, leading on,
reminding us there is a time
when trouble will be gone!

The pain that I am in I go through
so I can relate
unto my brother, when he thinks
his pain may be too great.
It hurts!  It may not seem too fair;
but God is well aware,
and He leaves us not comfortless
as we're in His great care!

These words may not ease the pain you are in right now, so save them until you have conquered this and ponder them later.  They will probably make more sense then.  But then again, God isn't about "making sense," He's about making us more like Him!

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