Saturday, February 6, 2016


Saturday afternoon. 
All chores are done. 
Absolute silence.

I see the mountains far away
so proud and tall this lovely day.
Framed by such a clear blue sky,
it brings a teardrop to my eye.
They know that at God's lone command
they could be reduced to sand!
And as I see them standing tall
"Holy!  Holy!" do I call.

Out across the clear, blue sky
a single hawk does slowly fly.
I hear, so clear, his piercing call
as it, upon my ear does fall;
gliding on the gentle winds,
what awe, into my soul, descends!
And as I watch him slowly fly,
"Holy!  Holy!" do I cry.

And up above that clear, blue sky,
unseen by this, my human eye,
another flight is happening
and causing many souls to sing!
As they, in legions, fly around
the Seraphim do make one sound,
and, through the ages, does it ring
as "HOLY! HOLY!" do they sing!!

So glorious is the afternoon when you can see, hear and feel the glory of God and His creation!
Enjoy it!

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