Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Even before you were conceived, God saw every one of your days.  Ponder that.
Before mom & dad ever said "When Jimmy grows up, I hope he ___________," Jesus had everything settled and arranged!  Such is too deep for me!

"You knew me in my yesterday
and made Your Presence known...
You know me in my here and now-
Your faithfulness is shown...
You know me in the days ahead,
for You have spawned my dreams!
You know me, Father, constantly,
yet so unreal, it seems!

I see so very clearly where
You love me and You care.
The need we had that moment, Lord,
I know You were aware!
I see the moving of Your hand
so vividly in past,
and Lord, I see You here and now;
Your care, it is so vast!
But God, You know me in the future
where I cannot see,
(lest You reveal it in a dream,
it stays a mystery!
You even say for me to dream
and make desires known;
from such, o Lord, I know success,
and, in You, I have grown!

Yesterday is gone.  Today
is going on right now.
Tomorrow, Lord, is in Your hand;
I reaffirm my vow!
O see me serving You with fervor,
deeper in Your Word,
and glorifying only You
for all success occurred!

Can you accept that?
Can you look back, look around now, or see ahead and know that you are in the palm of His hand?  It IS difficult at times, but I promise you, HE IS THERE!!  And He wants to hear the desires of your heart!
God already knows you completely, so don't be afraid to dream BIG!!

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