Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another phone call...

The telephone rings once again.  On the other end is a loved tears. 
I have a choice to make.

Speak life to that which haunts us in
the time when no one knows.
At the name of JESUS, every
situation goes!
There's not a name more powerful,
no other person needed;
Jesus Christ, o be ye glad
that, His Word, you have heeded!

Speak life to that which plagues you and
they can't find what is wrong.
In the pain and knowing nothing,
deep, is there a Song!
A song of affirmation of
the TRUTH that lives within;
o stand upon that living Word
and you'll be whole again!

Yes, speak life as you look forward at
the things you cannot see.
KNOW that He has seen it and
there lies your victory!!
"Come quickly so, Lord Jesus, for
we cry for Your return,
KNOWING, in that Place prepared,
is that for which we yearn!"

There is something wrong?  You are lacking something?  Something afflicts you?  SPEAK LIFE!!  Yes, those things that attack us in this life are very real, but even more real is our faith in God and His ability to counter all that afflicts us in this dying place!

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