Monday, February 29, 2016

THROUGH the trial

The trials that afflict me,
they serve to make me great.
I know that there be lessons in
the things that agitate.
Even to mature me for
what days may be ahead;
(I would that I would learn it quickly,
and move on instead!)

The trials that afflict me,
I know not whence they come.
I know my God, though, is aware,
and He beholds the sum.
He will not leave me comfortless,
He will not let me go;
He will use these things for His glory,
this I've come to know.

The trials that afflict me
are temporary so,
and there awaits the victory-
how far?  I do not know.
But I know He is with me and
He's seen it all before.
Jesus Christ, my confidence,
for sure will He restore!

There are trials in this life.  But there is so much more to this life than those trials!  That may not seem true when we are going through them, but it is very true!
Stay the course.  Press on, knowing that this trial is temporary!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another phone call...

The telephone rings once again.  On the other end is a loved tears. 
I have a choice to make.

Speak life to that which haunts us in
the time when no one knows.
At the name of JESUS, every
situation goes!
There's not a name more powerful,
no other person needed;
Jesus Christ, o be ye glad
that, His Word, you have heeded!

Speak life to that which plagues you and
they can't find what is wrong.
In the pain and knowing nothing,
deep, is there a Song!
A song of affirmation of
the TRUTH that lives within;
o stand upon that living Word
and you'll be whole again!

Yes, speak life as you look forward at
the things you cannot see.
KNOW that He has seen it and
there lies your victory!!
"Come quickly so, Lord Jesus, for
we cry for Your return,
KNOWING, in that Place prepared,
is that for which we yearn!"

There is something wrong?  You are lacking something?  Something afflicts you?  SPEAK LIFE!!  Yes, those things that attack us in this life are very real, but even more real is our faith in God and His ability to counter all that afflicts us in this dying place!

Friday, February 26, 2016


Yes, God is so good.
And it is in His goodness that all things happen.
"But God, THIS IS WRONG..."
"But God, this is painful..."
"But God, You don't understand..."
Oh yes, He fully understands.  For He has been through it all before, and He saw it coming.

"Why must I go through this again?
I thought this time was passed.
The pain that was inflicted, Lord,
the anger that amassed!
Why must I suffer at the hands
of them that know You not?!
BUT GOD, I know that, my whole life,
Your hands have firmly got!"

This life is full of ups and downs,
but grace, it will suffice!
We go through, oh, so many things,
(and some of it ain't nice!!)
But there is God, right be our side,
protecting, leading on,
reminding us there is a time
when trouble will be gone!

The pain that I am in I go through
so I can relate
unto my brother, when he thinks
his pain may be too great.
It hurts!  It may not seem too fair;
but God is well aware,
and He leaves us not comfortless
as we're in His great care!

These words may not ease the pain you are in right now, so save them until you have conquered this and ponder them later.  They will probably make more sense then.  But then again, God isn't about "making sense," He's about making us more like Him!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


God is so good.  God is so real.  No matter what is happening.

"You are so very real,
in spite of how I feel,
in spite of what goes on,
You never will be gone!

You are so very good.
We get more than we should.
Your generosity,
it is not hard to see!

O God, You are...always!
Your ways are not our ways,
Our lives You oversee
through all eternity!"

Do you look about your world and decide if God is there based on what is going on?  I know plenty of folks who do that!  We can't, because He told us that it will rain on the just and the unjust, and that both good and bad WILL happen to both good and bad people.
God is so good.  God is so real.  Forever!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Provision again

Slowly making our way back home...
yesterday's snow is but a memory in most places.
Creator God, however, is not only very evident, but very busy making sure we see His fingerprints wherever we look!

The clouds are once again at play
with the sun this early day.
They cause the rays to move and dance
and shine above all circumstance!
The workings of His mighty hand,
they be so rife upon the land
and He reveals them as we drive
across this land in which we thrive!

Amazing God not only created what we see, He even paid for the trip we are taking.  He is so good!  We depend upon Him to supply, and then He comes through so far and beyond what we expect!
He is so good to us!
May He be just as good to you, as well.

Winter overnight!

White stuff flying in the wind. 
Are you kidding??  It was 70 degrees 5 days ago!
Oh well.  Welcome to the Ozarks!!

Watching weather in the early-

fascinating so...
There was a chance of winter precip,
but not THIS much, though!
Already is it tapering
and dripping from the eaves...
I will enjoy it with my Father
'fore the morning leaves.

Along with winter happening,
life would happen, too.
There be so many little birds
in the morning view;
squirrels, too, would make the rounds
in spite of fallen white,
visiting the many feeders,
taking great delight!

And, against the contrast white,
the cardinals aglow.
They watched me scatter seed last night;
they have me spoiled, you know!
But what a blessing to assist
my Lord in any way,
as He feeds the ones that add
so much delight to day!

Wherever you are today, look around and see how many times and places you can see the hand of God at work.  Most often, it is a subtlety that most folks either take for granted or outright ignore.
My God is a God of details.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Even before you were conceived, God saw every one of your days.  Ponder that.
Before mom & dad ever said "When Jimmy grows up, I hope he ___________," Jesus had everything settled and arranged!  Such is too deep for me!

"You knew me in my yesterday
and made Your Presence known...
You know me in my here and now-
Your faithfulness is shown...
You know me in the days ahead,
for You have spawned my dreams!
You know me, Father, constantly,
yet so unreal, it seems!

I see so very clearly where
You love me and You care.
The need we had that moment, Lord,
I know You were aware!
I see the moving of Your hand
so vividly in past,
and Lord, I see You here and now;
Your care, it is so vast!
But God, You know me in the future
where I cannot see,
(lest You reveal it in a dream,
it stays a mystery!
You even say for me to dream
and make desires known;
from such, o Lord, I know success,
and, in You, I have grown!

Yesterday is gone.  Today
is going on right now.
Tomorrow, Lord, is in Your hand;
I reaffirm my vow!
O see me serving You with fervor,
deeper in Your Word,
and glorifying only You
for all success occurred!

Can you accept that?
Can you look back, look around now, or see ahead and know that you are in the palm of His hand?  It IS difficult at times, but I promise you, HE IS THERE!!  And He wants to hear the desires of your heart!
God already knows you completely, so don't be afraid to dream BIG!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Paying attention

So many issues affecting my world right now.
So many conflicts in so many places.
And what has my attention?

Several cardinals decorate the limbs...
so many sparrows orchestrating hymns...
rolling hills across the valley teem
with those upon the wing in steady stream!

On the feeders, branches and the ground
be them that make such harmony of sound!
Of course, I pay attention, as I'm told;
and thus, of issues, I become more bold!

So many issues.
So many solutions right before our eyes! (And ears.)
"Yes, Lord, I hear you.  Thank You for being in control of what is going on and ALL that is yet to happen.  I avail myself to Your use and purpose.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Alone with Jesus.
There is so much to learn and to love about that wonderful time in His Presence!  But only there?
In a group of people with Jesus.
There is so much to learn and to love about each other when our sole purpose is to glorify Him!  Such assembly is essential to our spiritual health!

On a hill that overlooks the lake,
an afternoon and evening to take
once again to gather in His Name-
because, new life in Christ, we have to claim!

New life, to witness unto one another...
new life--with those we call "sister" and "brother..."
new life--yes, and the same for to renew
as we savor Jesus...and the view!

On a hill that overlooks the lake,
we learn yet from each other as we break
from the day-to-day that life would be,
and find refreshing with ourselves and Three!

What a wonderful evening: a beautiful group!
Thank you, Steve & Victoria, for hosting us as we continue to share Jesus in our lives!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Time again

Do you have time for God?
Do you have...any idea what it might be like to escape the constraint of "time?"

"Where is time with You, o God?
I do not understand.
I'm so wrapped up in this world's time
and having all things planned!
I need to know the where and when
of all that's going on...
I need to be delivered from this
'fore the time is gone!

Lord, how can I relate to You
when You are so immune
to that one constant that would plague me:
"RIGHT NOW...later...soon..."
I want to see things as YOU do,
not as the world does;
I want to live the here and now,
and so escape the "was!"

Time.  I do not understand...
but is that how You meant?
So many issues pending, Lord,
all I see is time spent!
I want to know the wonder and
the spectacle You are,
help me to do it in YOUR time
and leave my own ajar."

God is far and above the constraints of "time."  His "time" is so much greater than ours!  We, as humans, can only see the way we do because that's how He created this world...and us!  However, when we open our hearts and ask Him to take us beyond such, we will be given eyes that behold wonders that far exceed that which we can make or even dream!  Maybe even "timeless?"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

THE Bible

The Word of God
The Word ALIVE!
So vital and so beautiful is it that we draw from those living words all throughout the day!

O Word of God so living,
You know mine every thought!
All that I shall go through,
a reason You have brought;
Your thoughts toward me, also,
are positive and good;
You promise goodness and reward
when not another would!

Word of God, so living,
I dine upon each page!
Holy Spirit as my Guide
to help me to engage.
He gives me explanation
each time I pause and think;
He shows me restoration
when I am at the brink!

Word of God so living-
You were...You are...You'll be!
I learn more of my loving God
with every page I see!
Yes, and newer everyday
those pages so alive!
I will cling to The Word of God

The Bible.  God's Word.  God's LIVING Word!  If you are not accustomed to opening the Bible and reading it, I implore you DO SO!!  Always pray before you part those pages, and I promise that it will come to life for you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Try AND trust!

Again, being open to the Spirit means sensing His moving, but it also means us moving as He leads.
Are we open to that?

"But God, I do not understand

this change of direction!
I know I am secure in Your
attention and affection.
I know You order every step
this man shall ever take,
but this that I sense now--is it
a move that I must make?"

"I know the plans I have for you,

the way that you should go.
My thoughts toward you, they are good-
you and I both know!
It may be foreign now, but as you
trust Me and obey,
I assure you, you will see Me
in the Narrow Way!"

"God, You are so good to me,

and all Your ways are good!
I cling to Your direction and
Your guidance, as I should.
I KNOW that You will take me where
it's best for me to go.
The leading of Your Holy Spirit
will assure it so!"

Spirit-led.  What a way to live!  What a way to get to know God more deeply and passionately!  And it is availed to all who give their heart to Him.

Try Him and see.
Trust and obey.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Open to The Spirit

Following the leading of Holy Spirit.
Having a specific purpose for the day, yet being pliable and usable in His hands.
It comes with its rewards!

Once again to find His Presence
somewhere in my day;
one more time His providence
and favor come my way...
yet again, His generosity
does find this man,
and I am chosen to receive
abundance from His Plan!

Once again to go out of
my way to get such grace?
No!  He pours it out upon me
in but everyplace!
As long as I'm obedient
and faithful to His cause,
He will associate with me...
even with my flaws!

How wonderful to live inside

the cover of His palm!
A 'sheltered life?'  YES! And, oh,
His shelter is so calm!
O let me offer you the same--
the shelter of the Lord--
receive Him, and His blessings, through
the day, will He afford!

Those of You that belong to Jesus understand these words.

Those of you who are yet unsaved may find these words foreign. 
Jesus desires that You become familiar with such words and such communication with Him.  In fact, He arranges opportunities for you to do such all throughout your day!
EXPECT to be blessed!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Open arms!

The day is ebbing once again. 
What had to be done was taken care of, along with a lot of things that I did not know had to be taken care of!  As I rest from it, I depend upon His peace.

"Your peace, my Lord, I cannot understand.
It flows upon my soul at Your command.
I bathe myself in Your inclusive calm
that flows so very freely from Your palm.

Your peace, Lord, it is perfect, this I know!
It transports me to where I cannot go!
And in that place where only You're aware,
I am overwhelmed by Your great care!

Your peace, o my great and mighty God,
I raise my arms unto You and applaud...
I raise my arms unto You in embrace...
Your peace--o what a blessed gift of grace!"

After what I've gone through today, I have a place to go where restoration will not fail--the Presence of Jesus!  You have that same place if You are born again.  Even if you have not met Jesus yet, those same arms are open to you!  RUN TO THEM!  Get to know Jesus!  Give Him your soul and be born again!  For therein lies Peace that surpasses understanding!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Saturday afternoon. 
All chores are done. 
Absolute silence.

I see the mountains far away
so proud and tall this lovely day.
Framed by such a clear blue sky,
it brings a teardrop to my eye.
They know that at God's lone command
they could be reduced to sand!
And as I see them standing tall
"Holy!  Holy!" do I call.

Out across the clear, blue sky
a single hawk does slowly fly.
I hear, so clear, his piercing call
as it, upon my ear does fall;
gliding on the gentle winds,
what awe, into my soul, descends!
And as I watch him slowly fly,
"Holy!  Holy!" do I cry.

And up above that clear, blue sky,
unseen by this, my human eye,
another flight is happening
and causing many souls to sing!
As they, in legions, fly around
the Seraphim do make one sound,
and, through the ages, does it ring
as "HOLY! HOLY!" do they sing!!

So glorious is the afternoon when you can see, hear and feel the glory of God and His creation!
Enjoy it!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


With people all day long.
Those who are people-persons don't mind it much.
Right now, though, I wanna be with Jesus.
See you later, people.

Once again to that retreat
where Jesus will refill.
I listen as He is revealing
to my heart, His will.
He listens as I tell Him things
that He already knows;
still, He pays attention to me,
so relation grows.

In this blest retreat where He
allows no one but me,
love is absolutely real:
That relationship to deepen-
that one so many lack;
I must come here and fellowship
and then I must go back.

Back to my assignment
with reinforced resolve.
My neighbor--who or where or when--
I must, somehow, involve!
That neighbor?  Any of those folks
I see throughout the day.
I must let Jesus work through me
so they will find The Way!

People will not be able to see Jesus in me unless I spend quality time with Him each day.
Each of us involve ourselves with people on a constant basis.  Why not involve them in the Joy Unspeakable that is so alive inside?  He's more than a 'feeling,' He is a whole new Life!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Born again.
When did it happen to you?
Can you pinpoint a specific time or place when you knew that it was God calling you to serve Him?
How come it takes each one of us a different amount of time to get to that point?

Is it after twenty years

that mercy should appear?
But was it not alive and well

in every other year?
That I knew redemption after
decades had amassed,
does that mean that grace was absent
in those ages past?

Oh, but in the wayward years

when 'prodigal' was I,
I clearly see the mighty hand
of Him Who reigns on high!
The simple fact that I'm alive
now in the present day
is proof His hand was guiding me
before I knew The Way!

Grateful for the many years,

yes, each and every one
as I fully realize
His Will is surely done!
And in the days that are ahead
I place my trust in Him,
as He remains the Bringer of
but every one of them!

The years spent in search of something that is right in front of us.  I know many who are still searching!

I know many who, if you attempt to help them, will turn their backs on you and RUN the other way!
But, in MOST cases, that is the will of God.  For if I do not find Him at that specific moment that He has appointed, it may not have the full effect that it is supposed to.
Where are you at?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Life is busy.
We can cram as many things into our day as time allows.
Is that what God wants?

A moment set apart
to empty out the heart;
a moment all alone
where God Most High be known!

Once again, myself do I avail.
To seek a word from Him.  He will not fail!
As long as I take time to comprehend
I shall know of His voice without end!
It only takes a moment of my time
to put a message from Him into rhyme!
God--He is so faithful for to speak--
it is communication quite unique!

Do you have time?
Do you say a prayer and then take off?  Or do you give Him time to respond, and then listen to his voice?  I am no better than any of you, but I do know that I must listen for a response when I talk to Him.  Have you afforded Him that opportunity?  I promise you, God will answer if you let Him.