Wednesday, January 6, 2016


How fascinating.
How wonderful. 
How terrifying, this world we live in.
(And that doesn't even include people!!)

Rumbles in the fathoms-
some in places rare.
Even the most brave of men
confessing to a scare!
Wonders happening that man
cannot take credit for...
the last days, they are here, my friends-
brace yourselves for more!
Yes, brace yourselves for happenings
that no man may explain!
Wonders in the skies above
so very far from plain.
all at once to be-
God, in His omnipotence,
to feel, to hear, to see!

As I look around and listen to things happening TO our world, not just IN our world, I look that much more forward to Jesus returning.

Are you ready?

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