Friday, January 8, 2016

The News

I am so blessed.
I am able to get a pen, sit back in peace and listen for what to write.  God is always faithful when I do.
This evening, though, as I hold my pen and reflect, I am reminded that, in most parts of the world, such pleasures are unknown.  In a lot of places, the freedom to write, say and do whatever you want is foreign...even illegal.
"Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

"Soon and very soon to be a Trumpet..."
my ears, for they are poised for such a sound!
At that point, each and all men will be equal-
no favor or distinction will be found.
On that day, but just one thing will matter:
Do I have Jesus living in my heart?
All other issues will contain no meaning-
"Come, Lord, all pain and suffering to depart!!"

With Jesus, I watch violence and disaster

in my world and there on the news.
I am led to pray for them, and cry out
for even them that kill me for my views!
But soon and very soon, it will be over,
Hell or Heaven wait beyond that day.
'Even so, come quickly!' be my heart-cry;
'til then, I'll spread the Truth, the Life, the Way!

It is painful to watch the news anymore.

It's even more painful when you see the news before your eyes without the t.v. or newspaper!
It hurts...all the while being exciting because we are that much closer to the return of Jesus!!

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