Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Living Gift

Grace, grace.  God's grace!
God's grace is so FREE!
Don't fight over it.

How beautiful, the gift of grace-
the produce of His heart!
One must but receive this gift
for to obtain his part!
Grace alive and powerful,
grace so very real!
Grace--straight out of Jesus Christ--
and far more than mere "feel."

Are you aware of such a grace?
Have you a God alive?
Have you assurance that, one day,
in Heaven, you'll arrive?
O call the Name of Jesus Christ
and live inside His grace!
Ask Him to forgive your sins
and YOU WILL know that Place!

That's it.
It's not a debate topic.  It is so much more than a 'rule' or a tenet.  It is a living gift that we must merely accept and be grateful for.
God's grace.  Live it!

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