Sunday, January 24, 2016

The deepest part

The depths that exist.
The depths that exist within each of us.
What do you allow there?

Way down in the deepest part

there be a living spring
to cause the spirit, soul and heart,
in harmony, to ring!
And even at a time when it
be needful so to mourn,
a visit to that spring prevents
a man from being torn!

That blessed fount, so deep within-

oh where, its source, to lie?
It be The Great Almighty God
in residence on high!
But not alone, the dwelling place,
there in the heights to be,
He's in the hearts of all who let Him
inside willingly!

O to be there constantly

beside that Living Flow!
Healing, hope and happiness,
and more of grace to know!
Walking with The Master there
along the river banks;
growing from His every word,
returning to Him thanks!

Every one of us has depths where things exist that only God knows about.  Fortunately, God sets up His residence there, too!  O savor His Presence and allow Him to have His perfect work inside of YOU!

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