Saturday, January 16, 2016


The phone rings.
A voice from across the ocean that I have not heard in a few years.
Some brief conversation, and then
"Jim, Dave called.  We need to pray for Vinnie.  He had a stroke a few weeks ago and is unresponsive still."

I know Who is the Answer!

I know Who is the Source!
HE knows that we need Him.
He will respond, of course!

Jesus is the Answer.

Jesus is the Source!
I know that I need Him.
There be no other course!
And Jesus--He is faithful,
so loving and so kind;
therefore, I KNOW that, very soon,
an answer we will find!
So peace unto these loved ones
so heavy on my heart.
His Kingdom and His perfect will,
to Vinnie, to impart!
I know God has the perfect way
to answer and restore.
I ask in faith, believing, KNOWING
answers soon will pour!

It's not me!  I have no special powers.  They know, though, that we will pray to the One Who does have The Power!
Join us in these prayers to Jesus, won't you?

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