Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sure love!

Sunday morning.
The holidays are behind us for now.
There is nothing pressing on my mind to distract from all that God has to offer right now...

"Your love, so everlasting,
so real!
O Lord, Your love--it's so much more
than we can merely "feel;"
It is a quilt...a canopy...
it is a thing alive!
It even keeps us all together
so we shall arrive.

Your love--it will sustain us even

when we are alone.
Your love--it will encompass us
when time--it is unknown!
Your wondrous love for us, oh God,
it is not like another;
we bask in it as we reach out
to sister and to brother!

Your love, Your love, dear Jesus Christ,

all issues to transcend!
It is alive and it will be
so far beyond "the end!"
And THEN to savor all of time
just basking in Your grace,
and absent all distractions from
this temporary place!!"

God's love.  We can depend on it now.  We can depend on it through all eternity!

O don't go another moment without the certain sustenance of God's love.

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