Monday, January 18, 2016

So many issues

Living in America, there are so many things that rise and seek our attention.
Which are true issues, and which does the enemy stir up just to distract us?

So many are the issues-

how minor be the same
that compromise the joy we have
and dignity to claim?
Implements and by-laws...
ideas that arise...
introduced, promoted by
the ones that we deem "wise..."

So many are the issues-

how many really matter?
So many, they are influenced
by those of mindless chatter!
That which matters most, it was
established long ago,
and God--He will protect the ones,
into His Truth, to go!

So many are the issues-

each one requires prayer.
Jesus will retain your joy
and show you how to care.
Seek His perfect wisdom
throughout your every day;
ask Him to order your each step
and you WILL know the way!

Again, there is so much out there trying to get our attention, and seeking to distract us from the real issues. 
God wants to help!  Ask Him for HIS wisdom for your every step!

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