Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Real Communication

In prayer again.
Call His Name...rattle off my list...repeat a few I go?
NEVER!!  That is merely ritual. 

On my knees before my Father-
putting in my time?
NEVER!  It's a blessing as,
into His arms, I climb!
Always is there some reward

in the time we spend;
always more than conversation,
with more than a friend!

In prayer again.
Worship and adore Him.  Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit.
Tell Him my needs.  He already knows them, but He wants to listen to me anyway.
Listen to His response.  Worship Him some more.
Tell Him my desires.  He already knows them, but He still wants to discuss them with me.
Feel His Presence as I listen to His response.
Embrace Him, leave until I return to Him?  No.  He goes with me!
That's relationship.  And I pray that each of you develop such a REAL relationship with Him!

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