Sunday, January 17, 2016

Penning Life

Pages upon pages...even volumes.
I am a prolific writer?

Again, this blessed talent I to practice:
to capture and record elusive thought!
I could boast of volumes, but the fact is
I'm not a thing without redemption bought!
And only 'borrowed' be the written pages;
but a vessel, I do humbly yield;
be it flowing calm or violent rages,
I pursue that which would be concealed.

"O let the diner be of open vision
as he sups upon the written feast.
Let there be such a gamut of provision
that he does not hunger in the least!
O and let him yearn for that so filling
that his appetite be whet for 'yon,
and humble him so that he would be willing
to accept You when the meal is gone!"


Yes, I have written quite a bit.  But unless I write something that glorifies God or draws the reader closer to Him, am I only penning empty words?

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