Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obey the Spirit

Early in the morning...pondering the day as I speak with Jesus...

"What shall I run into

or come upon today...
who will need a helping hand
upon the Narrow Way...
will any need the cash I've got...
will any need a word?
Tonight, when I reflect, may You
be seen and felt and heard!

You give to me so I can give;
You speak to make me wise;
not for my own glory, Lord,
but YOU to recognize!
I avail myself to You-
my talents, time and till;
take it for YOUR use, oh Lord,
furthering Your will.

I know that I will see someone
in dire need of You.
Make me bolder at that moment,
their heart to renew!
"If" is not the issue, Lord,
the query is just "when?"
And since I have spent time with You,
I will be ready then."

All of us have 'divine appointments' today.  The easiest thing in the world to do is to turn the other way...keep walking...ignore the Spirit.  But I promise you, if you will do what the Spirit is calling you to at that moment, Three will be blessed, and God will more than replace whatever it is you give!

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