Thursday, January 28, 2016


Silence once again.
Darkness once again.
Alone?  No way!
God is right here beside me and we are conversing about the beautiful stars that He has placed throughout the sky.

So beautiful, the sight that is not seen...

so glorious, the silent and serene...
so wonderful, the One Who shares it all...
so humbling: my name is He to call!

In the darkness, in the silence,
God--He is alive!
I call Him and He comes to me,
life is there to thrive!
How can words begin to capture
life at 10 p.m.
in a place that's called 'deserted?''s only Him!

"So beautiful is Your creation,
Lord, where no 'things' be!
I wipe a tear, Lord, as You come
and minister to me.
There is none like You, my Lord,
You are The lone creator!
You show me such in preparation,
Lord, of something greater!"

A glorious, beautiful night.  Jesus and I...and no one else in sight.  O the memories that amass!

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