Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"Where are the kids?"
"What happened to my friends?"
"Won't anyone call just to talk?"

So many are they, them that wait

for just the phone to ring...
the same be waiting for the door
and what the day might bring...
they only want a visitor,
they just want to converse;
they share a cup called 'loneliness,'
and there is not much worse.

Something known as 'loneliness-'
it is a wretched pain.
The poet, even with his trove,
is challenged to explain.
Even Jesus--God Himself--
forsaken was He too,
thus can He relate so well
to such as me and you.

So many, and so very close
are them that need a hand.
They dearly need a true assurance
that we understand!
Tell them you are there for them,
pray with them, as well;
and if YOU are that lonely one,
don't hesitate to tell.

The world is moving so fast.  In pursuit of the almighty dollar, I seem to pass by anyone or anything that doesn't have anything to offer me.  Worse, I use my eyes to determine that.  Thus, in pursuit of riches, I become all the more poor.
Why am I losing so much trying to win?

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