Monday, January 4, 2016

Grace in us?

Grace.  So many definitions.  So deep...yet so simple...

"O but God, can grace be known by such as we?

I can forgive and set at liberty
those that have abused my heat and soul;
in fact, I MUST if I am to be whole!
But God, how to exemplify Your grace?
Turn my cheek when they are in my face...
overlook an insult done to me...
in doing such, it's YOU that they might see!
But God, what limit is there to this 'grace?'
It multiplies when, anger, I replace!
It abounds, Lord, when I hold my tongue...
when I look the other way its words are sung!

Only You, Lord, can forgive a sin.
But I can stop the poison coming in
by dwelling not upon the wretched deed
and reaching out to him who is in need.
"Heaping coals of fire," Lord, aside,
I want to see that moment we abide
in fellowship once more, with one and all
without that 'word' or 'action' to recall!"

Grace.  It is impossible for us to produce it.  It is possible for us to dwell in it and offer it to one another.

"It" is Jesus.  God's grace to such as we.  Abide in Him constantly, and freely dispense Him throughout your life!

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