Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I look out the window at the start of this new day.

"Good morning, awesome Father,
a morning o so clear.
Your Presence is so glorious,
Your Presence is so dear!
I look across the valley at
the mountain range afar
and cry out "O SO GLORIOUS

Good morning, great and mighty God,
Your love, so very clear!
Your Presence to envelope me
as You say 'I AM here!
My glory to not only be
for vision to behold,
My glory is to make this life clear,
subtle and so bold!'

Good morning, awesome Father,

Your majesty so clear!
Your grace is the most glorious
and wonderful thing here!
I cling to You, beholding what
I can and cannot see;
You are Creator of the day-
You were...You are...You'll be!"

Morning with Father God.  Again...but brand new!  Savor His Presence each new day, and know that He is right there with you...whatever the day may contain!

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