Friday, January 1, 2016


The first day of the year...a crystal-clear night...I just have to go look outside

In the bite of winter,
sunset far behind,
the moon's aglow on the horizon--
there is peace to find!
God Creator next to me,
watching what I see,
and as I share with Him my heart
answers are to be!
Ideal may not be locale,
however, here we are;
along with His illumination
I can see each star!
And in the chill so real
I don't notice it at all,
for I have God my Father here
and He listens to my call!

You never know where God might show up?  True.  You also cannot set the perfect temperature for it!  But being in His Presence and conversing with Him causes those minor details to continue to fade!
"Thank You, Lord, for being here!"

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