Friday, January 29, 2016

Come quickly!!

How glorious, how beautiful, how wonderful life can be at times!  There are moments, (especially with loved ones!) that we wish would never end!  Truth is, however, the end is exactly what we should be looking forward to...

You told us and You promised
that You would soon return.
You told us to anticipate-
that strong desire burn!
You told us that You are preparing
paradise for all,
all that do belong to You
and heed Your glory Call!

So many things to here enjoy-
let them not hold me back...
so many people yet in need-
will You, Lord, cut them slack?
Your Word is pretty black-and-white
"You must be born again!"
Thus, I must be more vigilant
in sharing You with men!

"Soon and very soon" is closer
than it's ever been!
I know that You desire commitment,
Lord, from all of men!
I will obey the Great Commission
forward to advance,
no matter, Lord, how good or bad
may be each circumstance.

Those moments that we never want to end.  They must end.  They will end, and there will be more of them as we serve Him, going where He tells us to, and doing what He commands.  I promise!

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