Saturday, January 9, 2016


Morning again.
I have a very special appointment.

Evergreen to gently sway

with breezes that are nice.
With the birds to gently play
'fore water turns to ice.
Only whispers in the air,
the gusts are later on;
I take it all in on this day
before it will be gone.

The list of weekend chores is not,
already got them done;
so I behold the animals
in absence of the sun.
Some to scramble in a scamper...
some to slowly graze...
others flying here and there...
all, though, to amaze!

And Jesus, He is with me as
the morning I behold.
He has seen this day already,
I have not been told.
So we converse about creation
as the coffee perks-
I praise Him for His Presence here
and thank Him for His works!

What a blessed morning--Jesus, coffee and creation!  I am so thankful that I have time to enjoy them all.  Can you afford that much time?  Yes.  You can.  Make an appointment to do so.  I promise it will improve your day!

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