Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doing Battle

Like it or not, there is a war going on.
Believe it or not, there is a battle for your soul!
God has already provided the victory for you, you must only ASK for it from Him!

So many are the challenges,
so many the attacks,
so devious, the enemy,
The closer we get to the end,
so does increase the war;
BUT GOD, He is our strength anew
when we would cry "NO MORE!!"

The battle is a constancy,
but I know of an end!
For there will be a Trumpet Blast
and JESUS will descend!!
No man knows the hour,
no man knows the day;
for we must stay alert and focused
on the Narrow Way!!

There will surely be attacks,
and there will be pain;
BUT GOD, He warrants recompense
when Heaven is our gain!
Until then, we are not without-
the Father, Son and Spirit,
will be our Guard at every hand
until, that trump, we hear it!!

There will be challenges.
There will be warfare.  It is a spiritual warfare that you are defenseless in unless we have Jesus living in our hearts!
Make sure of that right now, won't you?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Before the night

Once again, God has His paintbrush out.  Just look at that western sky...

Once again, the colors come and go
contributing to even's gentle glow.
The clarity, the contrast and the hue
amass to make so glorious a view!

Every moment slowly passing by
paints another shade across the sky!
Nothing a single chore is to be done
as we behold the wonder of The One!

How long?  How many moments are to be
as He exhibits His great majesty?
The moments, they are savored and retained-
sights that almost cannot be explained!

Evening once again.
Stop.  Take a moment and watch the masterpiece that happens on God's great canvas.
So beautiful!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Come quickly!!

How glorious, how beautiful, how wonderful life can be at times!  There are moments, (especially with loved ones!) that we wish would never end!  Truth is, however, the end is exactly what we should be looking forward to...

You told us and You promised
that You would soon return.
You told us to anticipate-
that strong desire burn!
You told us that You are preparing
paradise for all,
all that do belong to You
and heed Your glory Call!

So many things to here enjoy-
let them not hold me back...
so many people yet in need-
will You, Lord, cut them slack?
Your Word is pretty black-and-white
"You must be born again!"
Thus, I must be more vigilant
in sharing You with men!

"Soon and very soon" is closer
than it's ever been!
I know that You desire commitment,
Lord, from all of men!
I will obey the Great Commission
forward to advance,
no matter, Lord, how good or bad
may be each circumstance.

Those moments that we never want to end.  They must end.  They will end, and there will be more of them as we serve Him, going where He tells us to, and doing what He commands.  I promise!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Silence once again.
Darkness once again.
Alone?  No way!
God is right here beside me and we are conversing about the beautiful stars that He has placed throughout the sky.

So beautiful, the sight that is not seen...

so glorious, the silent and serene...
so wonderful, the One Who shares it all...
so humbling: my name is He to call!

In the darkness, in the silence,
God--He is alive!
I call Him and He comes to me,
life is there to thrive!
How can words begin to capture
life at 10 p.m.
in a place that's called 'deserted?''s only Him!

"So beautiful is Your creation,
Lord, where no 'things' be!
I wipe a tear, Lord, as You come
and minister to me.
There is none like You, my Lord,
You are The lone creator!
You show me such in preparation,
Lord, of something greater!"

A glorious, beautiful night.  Jesus and I...and no one else in sight.  O the memories that amass!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The deepest part

The depths that exist.
The depths that exist within each of us.
What do you allow there?

Way down in the deepest part

there be a living spring
to cause the spirit, soul and heart,
in harmony, to ring!
And even at a time when it
be needful so to mourn,
a visit to that spring prevents
a man from being torn!

That blessed fount, so deep within-

oh where, its source, to lie?
It be The Great Almighty God
in residence on high!
But not alone, the dwelling place,
there in the heights to be,
He's in the hearts of all who let Him
inside willingly!

O to be there constantly

beside that Living Flow!
Healing, hope and happiness,
and more of grace to know!
Walking with The Master there
along the river banks;
growing from His every word,
returning to Him thanks!

Every one of us has depths where things exist that only God knows about.  Fortunately, God sets up His residence there, too!  O savor His Presence and allow Him to have His perfect work inside of YOU!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Flowing Life

Walking along the banks again.
Savoring the glory of His creation, and listen to Him apply it to life...

Blessed be that river ever-flowing-

fed by every rivulet and stream;
gaining power further in its going-
oh the same, with life, to ever teem!

Blessed be the clouds above me forming;

the same, a-teem with drops of life anew!
An escort of His grace in coming glory;
until then dispensing living dew!

Yea, blessed, every form of His refreshing;

daily to restore each facet deep.
And, evermore, the same, so effervescing!
That is why He is indwelt so deep!

He is alive and living deep inside me.  How about you?  Do you need this level of refreshing to keep you going each day?  He is freely available!  His Name is Jesus, and He IS Living Water!


Morning comes

Ahhh...what a beautiful rest!  Before doing anything else, a few thoughts come flooding in like light:

Morning comes upon the land,
so fresh and o so new!
The virgin light upon the land
revealing every hue.
Morning comes upon the land
to make me mindful of
the newness freely given by
the One Whose Name is "Love!"

Morning comes upon the land,
and glory to the Lord
Who causes that new life to come
that ALL may be restored!
Morning comes upon the land,
the writer to excite
with thoughts of that without an end
beyond that upward flight!!

Morning comes upon the land
with all that it can bring,
escorted by the symphony
of those upon the wing!
Morning comes upon the land-
an opportunity
to tell my brothers, once again,
what morning's meant to be!

Morning is here.
It is a gift from God that you have already unwrapped.
Now, what are you going to do with it?


I look out the window at the start of this new day.

"Good morning, awesome Father,
a morning o so clear.
Your Presence is so glorious,
Your Presence is so dear!
I look across the valley at
the mountain range afar
and cry out "O SO GLORIOUS

Good morning, great and mighty God,
Your love, so very clear!
Your Presence to envelope me
as You say 'I AM here!
My glory to not only be
for vision to behold,
My glory is to make this life clear,
subtle and so bold!'

Good morning, awesome Father,

Your majesty so clear!
Your grace is the most glorious
and wonderful thing here!
I cling to You, beholding what
I can and cannot see;
You are Creator of the day-
You were...You are...You'll be!"

Morning with Father God.  Again...but brand new!  Savor His Presence each new day, and know that He is right there with you...whatever the day may contain!

Monday, January 18, 2016

So many issues

Living in America, there are so many things that rise and seek our attention.
Which are true issues, and which does the enemy stir up just to distract us?

So many are the issues-

how minor be the same
that compromise the joy we have
and dignity to claim?
Implements and by-laws...
ideas that arise...
introduced, promoted by
the ones that we deem "wise..."

So many are the issues-

how many really matter?
So many, they are influenced
by those of mindless chatter!
That which matters most, it was
established long ago,
and God--He will protect the ones,
into His Truth, to go!

So many are the issues-

each one requires prayer.
Jesus will retain your joy
and show you how to care.
Seek His perfect wisdom
throughout your every day;
ask Him to order your each step
and you WILL know the way!

Again, there is so much out there trying to get our attention, and seeking to distract us from the real issues. 
God wants to help!  Ask Him for HIS wisdom for your every step!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Penning Life

Pages upon pages...even volumes.
I am a prolific writer?

Again, this blessed talent I to practice:
to capture and record elusive thought!
I could boast of volumes, but the fact is
I'm not a thing without redemption bought!
And only 'borrowed' be the written pages;
but a vessel, I do humbly yield;
be it flowing calm or violent rages,
I pursue that which would be concealed.

"O let the diner be of open vision
as he sups upon the written feast.
Let there be such a gamut of provision
that he does not hunger in the least!
O and let him yearn for that so filling
that his appetite be whet for 'yon,
and humble him so that he would be willing
to accept You when the meal is gone!"


Yes, I have written quite a bit.  But unless I write something that glorifies God or draws the reader closer to Him, am I only penning empty words?

Saturday, January 16, 2016


The phone rings.
A voice from across the ocean that I have not heard in a few years.
Some brief conversation, and then
"Jim, Dave called.  We need to pray for Vinnie.  He had a stroke a few weeks ago and is unresponsive still."

I know Who is the Answer!

I know Who is the Source!
HE knows that we need Him.
He will respond, of course!

Jesus is the Answer.

Jesus is the Source!
I know that I need Him.
There be no other course!
And Jesus--He is faithful,
so loving and so kind;
therefore, I KNOW that, very soon,
an answer we will find!
So peace unto these loved ones
so heavy on my heart.
His Kingdom and His perfect will,
to Vinnie, to impart!
I know God has the perfect way
to answer and restore.
I ask in faith, believing, KNOWING
answers soon will pour!

It's not me!  I have no special powers.  They know, though, that we will pray to the One Who does have The Power!
Join us in these prayers to Jesus, won't you?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Real Communication

In prayer again.
Call His Name...rattle off my list...repeat a few I go?
NEVER!!  That is merely ritual. 

On my knees before my Father-
putting in my time?
NEVER!  It's a blessing as,
into His arms, I climb!
Always is there some reward

in the time we spend;
always more than conversation,
with more than a friend!

In prayer again.
Worship and adore Him.  Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit.
Tell Him my needs.  He already knows them, but He wants to listen to me anyway.
Listen to His response.  Worship Him some more.
Tell Him my desires.  He already knows them, but He still wants to discuss them with me.
Feel His Presence as I listen to His response.
Embrace Him, leave until I return to Him?  No.  He goes with me!
That's relationship.  And I pray that each of you develop such a REAL relationship with Him!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


"Where are the kids?"
"What happened to my friends?"
"Won't anyone call just to talk?"

So many are they, them that wait

for just the phone to ring...
the same be waiting for the door
and what the day might bring...
they only want a visitor,
they just want to converse;
they share a cup called 'loneliness,'
and there is not much worse.

Something known as 'loneliness-'
it is a wretched pain.
The poet, even with his trove,
is challenged to explain.
Even Jesus--God Himself--
forsaken was He too,
thus can He relate so well
to such as me and you.

So many, and so very close
are them that need a hand.
They dearly need a true assurance
that we understand!
Tell them you are there for them,
pray with them, as well;
and if YOU are that lonely one,
don't hesitate to tell.

The world is moving so fast.  In pursuit of the almighty dollar, I seem to pass by anyone or anything that doesn't have anything to offer me.  Worse, I use my eyes to determine that.  Thus, in pursuit of riches, I become all the more poor.
Why am I losing so much trying to win?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sure love!

Sunday morning.
The holidays are behind us for now.
There is nothing pressing on my mind to distract from all that God has to offer right now...

"Your love, so everlasting,
so real!
O Lord, Your love--it's so much more
than we can merely "feel;"
It is a quilt...a canopy...
it is a thing alive!
It even keeps us all together
so we shall arrive.

Your love--it will sustain us even

when we are alone.
Your love--it will encompass us
when time--it is unknown!
Your wondrous love for us, oh God,
it is not like another;
we bask in it as we reach out
to sister and to brother!

Your love, Your love, dear Jesus Christ,

all issues to transcend!
It is alive and it will be
so far beyond "the end!"
And THEN to savor all of time
just basking in Your grace,
and absent all distractions from
this temporary place!!"

God's love.  We can depend on it now.  We can depend on it through all eternity!

O don't go another moment without the certain sustenance of God's love.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Morning again.
I have a very special appointment.

Evergreen to gently sway

with breezes that are nice.
With the birds to gently play
'fore water turns to ice.
Only whispers in the air,
the gusts are later on;
I take it all in on this day
before it will be gone.

The list of weekend chores is not,
already got them done;
so I behold the animals
in absence of the sun.
Some to scramble in a scamper...
some to slowly graze...
others flying here and there...
all, though, to amaze!

And Jesus, He is with me as
the morning I behold.
He has seen this day already,
I have not been told.
So we converse about creation
as the coffee perks-
I praise Him for His Presence here
and thank Him for His works!

What a blessed morning--Jesus, coffee and creation!  I am so thankful that I have time to enjoy them all.  Can you afford that much time?  Yes.  You can.  Make an appointment to do so.  I promise it will improve your day!

Friday, January 8, 2016

The News

I am so blessed.
I am able to get a pen, sit back in peace and listen for what to write.  God is always faithful when I do.
This evening, though, as I hold my pen and reflect, I am reminded that, in most parts of the world, such pleasures are unknown.  In a lot of places, the freedom to write, say and do whatever you want is foreign...even illegal.
"Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

"Soon and very soon to be a Trumpet..."
my ears, for they are poised for such a sound!
At that point, each and all men will be equal-
no favor or distinction will be found.
On that day, but just one thing will matter:
Do I have Jesus living in my heart?
All other issues will contain no meaning-
"Come, Lord, all pain and suffering to depart!!"

With Jesus, I watch violence and disaster

in my world and there on the news.
I am led to pray for them, and cry out
for even them that kill me for my views!
But soon and very soon, it will be over,
Hell or Heaven wait beyond that day.
'Even so, come quickly!' be my heart-cry;
'til then, I'll spread the Truth, the Life, the Way!

It is painful to watch the news anymore.

It's even more painful when you see the news before your eyes without the t.v. or newspaper!
It hurts...all the while being exciting because we are that much closer to the return of Jesus!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obey the Spirit

Early in the morning...pondering the day as I speak with Jesus...

"What shall I run into

or come upon today...
who will need a helping hand
upon the Narrow Way...
will any need the cash I've got...
will any need a word?
Tonight, when I reflect, may You
be seen and felt and heard!

You give to me so I can give;
You speak to make me wise;
not for my own glory, Lord,
but YOU to recognize!
I avail myself to You-
my talents, time and till;
take it for YOUR use, oh Lord,
furthering Your will.

I know that I will see someone
in dire need of You.
Make me bolder at that moment,
their heart to renew!
"If" is not the issue, Lord,
the query is just "when?"
And since I have spent time with You,
I will be ready then."

All of us have 'divine appointments' today.  The easiest thing in the world to do is to turn the other way...keep walking...ignore the Spirit.  But I promise you, if you will do what the Spirit is calling you to at that moment, Three will be blessed, and God will more than replace whatever it is you give!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


How fascinating.
How wonderful. 
How terrifying, this world we live in.
(And that doesn't even include people!!)

Rumbles in the fathoms-
some in places rare.
Even the most brave of men
confessing to a scare!
Wonders happening that man
cannot take credit for...
the last days, they are here, my friends-
brace yourselves for more!
Yes, brace yourselves for happenings
that no man may explain!
Wonders in the skies above
so very far from plain.
all at once to be-
God, in His omnipotence,
to feel, to hear, to see!

As I look around and listen to things happening TO our world, not just IN our world, I look that much more forward to Jesus returning.

Are you ready?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Sure enough, as soon as I start writing on 'grace' like He tells me to, He also provides many occasions for me to exercise it!  AND THE YEAR ISN'T EVEN A WEEK OLD!!

So busy is the day.

Is Jesus on display
in what I do and say?
So narrow is that way!

So many are the eyes.

And trained to know the wise-
the real to realize;
faith to know its size!

Life is so alive

and this man WILL arrive
with victory to claim-
secure is Jesus' Name!

And I'm sure it's the same in your life.  If it's not, it will be.  What will you do then?  Who or what is your go-to in those trying times? 

I sure hope it's Jesus.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Grace in us?

Grace.  So many definitions.  So deep...yet so simple...

"O but God, can grace be known by such as we?

I can forgive and set at liberty
those that have abused my heat and soul;
in fact, I MUST if I am to be whole!
But God, how to exemplify Your grace?
Turn my cheek when they are in my face...
overlook an insult done to me...
in doing such, it's YOU that they might see!
But God, what limit is there to this 'grace?'
It multiplies when, anger, I replace!
It abounds, Lord, when I hold my tongue...
when I look the other way its words are sung!

Only You, Lord, can forgive a sin.
But I can stop the poison coming in
by dwelling not upon the wretched deed
and reaching out to him who is in need.
"Heaping coals of fire," Lord, aside,
I want to see that moment we abide
in fellowship once more, with one and all
without that 'word' or 'action' to recall!"

Grace.  It is impossible for us to produce it.  It is possible for us to dwell in it and offer it to one another.

"It" is Jesus.  God's grace to such as we.  Abide in Him constantly, and freely dispense Him throughout your life!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


It is the most expensive 'thing' in this life, yet it is freely availed to each of us.  Why?
Some of us have grabbed hold of it and cling to it with our lives...others turn their backs on it, even cursing it.  Again, why?
But I would cry out

"I'm blessed, oh Lord, amongst all men,
far above them all!
Blessed, Lord, in that You, upon
my life, have placed Your Call.
Blessed in that I hear from You
whenever I seek Your face;
Blessed because of just one thing:
I am not blessed because this man
is worthy of it all.
If I thought that, this human world
would surely see me fall!
And I'm not blessed because of
pious rituals I've done;
for there is only One Way:
the One begotten Son!
I'm blessed, oh Lord, in this alone:
the blood of Calvary's Lamb.
I have claimed it in my life
so born again I am!
Far above all others only
in how I must live,
that, by my life, they may desire
what Your love can give!"


It is a by-product of God's love.  God paid the highest price to demonstrate His love for us.
Will you grab hold of it?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Living Gift

Grace, grace.  God's grace!
God's grace is so FREE!
Don't fight over it.

How beautiful, the gift of grace-
the produce of His heart!
One must but receive this gift
for to obtain his part!
Grace alive and powerful,
grace so very real!
Grace--straight out of Jesus Christ--
and far more than mere "feel."

Are you aware of such a grace?
Have you a God alive?
Have you assurance that, one day,
in Heaven, you'll arrive?
O call the Name of Jesus Christ
and live inside His grace!
Ask Him to forgive your sins
and YOU WILL know that Place!

That's it.
It's not a debate topic.  It is so much more than a 'rule' or a tenet.  It is a living gift that we must merely accept and be grateful for.
God's grace.  Live it!

Friday, January 1, 2016


The first day of the year...a crystal-clear night...I just have to go look outside

In the bite of winter,
sunset far behind,
the moon's aglow on the horizon--
there is peace to find!
God Creator next to me,
watching what I see,
and as I share with Him my heart
answers are to be!
Ideal may not be locale,
however, here we are;
along with His illumination
I can see each star!
And in the chill so real
I don't notice it at all,
for I have God my Father here
and He listens to my call!

You never know where God might show up?  True.  You also cannot set the perfect temperature for it!  But being in His Presence and conversing with Him causes those minor details to continue to fade!
"Thank You, Lord, for being here!"