Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Time for Christmas

It's almost Christmas!
But only once a year?

He is Christmas.  He is come
to do what no one can.
He is come that God can wrap
His arms around this man!
He is coming for so many
reasons I can't count!
God's love knows no amount!

So silent is the early night,
save for the mighty wind.
He stands ready for those words
"Forgive me.  I have sinned."
Ready, too, is He for just

the reaching of our hands,
ready to embrace us there-
no making of demands!

Father God...Jesus Christ...
Love and Love's own Gift.
Won't you join me on this night,
our hearts and hands to lift?
Not to voice a need or give
to Him a "shopping list,"
but "Thank You, Lord!"  "I love You, Lord!"
"I'm so glad We exist!!"

It's almost Christmas.  I cannot wait for the family to get here and the fun that we will have! 
The hurry and scurry is done for today.  The hustle and bustle is almost over.  I know it gets busy, but ALWAYS be available for that soul out there reaching for what Christmas is all about!  And don't forget to set aside that time to spend with only Jesus...What a Gift!!

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