Sunday, December 13, 2015

This Holy Season

Jesus Christ the Lord is come!!

Holy, holy, holy be

the season of the day!
The holy Child of Bethlehem-
the Truth...the Life...the Way!
O the celebration, oh
the wonder of it all!
O tune the ear unto the heights
and join ye in the call!

O the joy unspeakable
of those upon the wing,
yet there be room to harmonize
so enter in and sing!
For He is worthy of it all,
the Savior of my soul,
come to save the lost and dying,
come to make us whole!

Holy, holy, holy be
Jehovah's very Son!
Humbly in a manger lay,
His sovereign will be done!
Enthroned in glory evermore
and, soon, to claim His Bride!
O the wonders of the season
cannot be denied!

This Holy Season.  May it be filled with JESUS CHRIST ALONE!  He is worthy to be praised, honored and adored!

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